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Sunday, 13 March 2011

If you "Like Me", I'll have to start "Following You!".... Do I sound like a Stalker?

I feel a bit nervous asking the question, but is it better to be "Liked" or "Followed"?

If you are sort of newish to the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the proverbial Blog, Most people can't help feeling slightly strange asking to be "Liked" or starting to "Follow" people. Is it just me or does this seem a bit like social network stalking?

Could someone let me know if it's better to be "Liked on Facebook" or "Followed on Twitter". If, as a new user, for example, you're all set to go and start building your huge social network...hey! What's the way to go? Which should you ask people to do and why?

Do you Blog and then Twitter? Twitter and link to Facebook?
Should you ask people to Like you on Facebook, follow your Blog or follow you on Twitter?

So many Questions.....any comments?

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